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TEA K-5 Texas Home Learning Instructional Materials Review Call

14 Dec 2020 2:08 PM | TXCSS President
Hello TCSS members,

I hope this finds you well.  

As you may know, TEA is developing Texas Home Learning (THL), an optional set of resources for Texas educators including instructional materials, aligned professional learning, and technology supports during this new learning environment. 

Before being released, THL Instructional Materials undergo a rigorous review process that includes input from Texas Educators. This review process helps ensure that released materials are of the highest quality, meet state standards, and meet the expectations and needs of all our districts.  

The THL team at TEA has reached out to us to ask for our help in nominating folks to participate in  this process. In particular, TEA is looking for individuals with expertise in K-5 Social Studies, though they welcome anyone with experience with Social Studies instructional materials in Texas.  Through a series of focus groups, participants in this review process will help define what the final materials include in order to support all Texas teachers and students, as well as the implementation support and training publishers and TEA will provide through THL. The TEA THL team has worked to streamline this process as much as possible given the time constraints educators are currently under. Nominees are encouraged, but will not be required, to participate in every focus group over the course of the year, which would include 1-2 one hour sessions per month. 

Please take 1 minute to think about educators you know who may be a good fit as a focus group participant and nominate them using this form!  You may also use the same form to sign up yourself.

This is a great opportunity to #engageintheexperience.  Thanks in advance for your leadership. 

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