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TXCSS Vision:

All students in Texas receive a well rounded social studies education which will enhance their personal and professional lives.

TXCSS Mission:

Advancing social studies education as a community of learners and leaders.

The Texas Council for the Social Studies (TXCSS) is a nonprofit organization composed of a community of social studies educators and supporters across the state. Social studies as a discipline of study is focused on the interdependence of geography, history, government, economics, and civics in our society. We welcome educators and professions from a variety of fields including history, government, economics, geography, civics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology to our organization.


TXCSS Belief Statements

TXCSS believes that a quality K-12 social studies education equips students to civically engage in the improvement of their communities, to respect differences in a diverse society, and to participate fully in the democratic process. 

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TXCSS History

The Texas Council for the Social Studies initially was a part of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in the 1920s.  When state congressional budget cuts did away with this branch of the TEA a group of teachers took control of the organization. The following history of the beginning of the Texas Council for the Social Studies was written by Dr. James W. Baldwin, University of Texas, and is taken from the November 1951 issue of Social Studies Texan.


Past Presidents

The success of TXCSS depends on the countless hours, sweat, and passion of our leadership. We are thankful for all they do each and every day to support social studies education in Texas and beyond.

TXCSS President Gallery

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