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Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum Open House

5 Sep 2019 5:19 PM | Anonymous

Hello everybody! Hope you all are now well settled into your school year routine.

Last weekend was the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum open house for educators. I was excited to get to meet a few members from Garland during my visit and I hope more of you took advantage of the weekend. The museum has totally expanded its scope and also included human rights activists such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Sam Houston, Lyndon Johnson, Martin L. King and many others. Again, the museum is not for elementary so much because of the content, but it addresses many subjects with taste and sensitivity when it comes to human rights and the Holocaust. I urge you to visit if you are in the DFW area and know that it will take time and several visits to absorb the exhibits!

On more statewide and global levels:

Teaching American History: - on Sept. 23, in Houston a new session called Slavery and the Constitution will focus on how slavery helped to shape the Constitution and those that interpreted it during the first half of the 19th Century. Again it is free of charge and open to K-12 teachers and will include digital and a physical reading packet of primary documents and LUNCH!         They are also hosting webinar series called the American Minds and Document in Detail. Go to or 

Bill of Rights Institute (BRI): Celebrate Constitution Day. The BRI Senior Manager of Teacher Services is Laura Vik

          Activities include lessons & resources from Being an American for middle schools. Also, The Constitution Activity: A Second Study: Being an American.  

          Also BRI has revamped their Constitution Day Resources and programming they are inviting teachers to check out and then provide feedback.

UTSA Institue of Texan Cultures:

       Check out and for programs and programming. Most importantly for those of you in the UTSA area,THIS SUNDAY, Sept. 9 from noon to 4 a FREE program is being presented titled "Puerto Rican Family Fun Day!

So many opportunities and so little time! Let me know what you are discovering and if you attend any of these options what you thought of your experiences. I will share them as well. My email is

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