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"Teacher Tips" Ending the Year on A Positive Note

1 May 2023 7:12 AM | Evangeline Mitchell


May your school year end on a positive note. State testing is over & now what? Try these quick & easy strategies to engage your students to the end.

1.Passion Projects - allow students to research a subject of their choice and create a presentation or create a project that shows their learning.

2.Let The Students Teach - allow students to teach the class for part of a day or period.

3.Reflection Time - take the time to let students reflect on their experiences in your classroom. Students often realize or notice things that you would never think about.

4.Write A Letter -students write a letter to a teacher or professional in the school that has helped them throughout the school year. Letters can be distributed by students or put into teacher’s boxes for a great end of the year surprise.

5.Theme Days - count down to the end of the year by creating a theme for each of the last days of school.

6.Time capsule - create a time capsule of memories using a water bottle and colored strips of paper. Students can write down their favorite memories to keep and open in the years ahead.

7.Survival Guide - allow students to create a video on the best tips for surviving the school year in your class. The videos can then be saved to create a great way to start the following school year with your new students.

8.Celebrate Achievements - class rewards provide a way for a teacher to recognize student accomplishments that might go unnoticed in regular school assemblies but can highlight how far a student has grown in the year.

9.Write About It - students create a six word memoir to describe their year. Check out more information on TechNotes from TCEA.

10.Graffiti Wall - students sign a large piece of paper with their favorite memory of the school year. Allow students to take pictures or selfies in front of the wall to preserve their memories for years to come.

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