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An Incredible Opportunity with Bill of Rights Institute

11 May 2021 4:14 PM | TXCSS President


Our 2021-2022 Teacher Council Application Closes Saturday, May 15th.

Teaching civics and U.S. history are increasingly difficult tasks. Civics, like our communities, continues to change, grow, and evolve. We are looking for teachers who want to expand the impact they have beyond their own classroom and be part of the national dialogue about the future of civics and history in our country. We want these teachers to apply for our Teacher Council and we still need applications from your state to ensure our Council has a diverse and national perspective. 

The Council meets monthly and advises the Institute on strategic initiatives by providing feedback on classroom resources and best practices in student learning as well as regional civics initiatives. They assist the Institute with monthly projects including–but not limited to–writing projects, editing projects, and resource renewal projects.


Apply Today


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is the time commitment? August 1, 2021-July 31, 2022
What is the compensation? $150/month
What are the requirements to serve on the Council? At least 1 year of classroom experience and a current position in a 7-12 grade social studies classroom.
What is required for the application? A profile questionnaire, a letter of recommendation, and a writing sample.

I hope to receive your application!

Laura Vlk
Senior Manager, Teacher Services
Bill of Rights Institute

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