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TEA Engagement Opportunities

13 Apr 2021 11:27 AM | TXCSS Past President

T-TRADE Assessment Development Pilot Invites Teacher Participation

The Texas Teachers Review, Assess, Develop, and Exchange (T-TRADE) pilot is an innovative, collaborative system for teachers to develop and share high-quality assessment items. In the summer of 2021, the system will be piloted with teachers of two courses: Grade 5 mathematics and high school United States History Studies Since 1877. Participating teachers will be invited to participate in the pilot for approximately 40 hours spread over several weeks this summer.

Benefits of the T-TRADE System

  • Collaboration: Teachers collaborate to write, review, assess, and share high-quality assessment items aligned to the TEKS
  • Professional Development CPE Credits: Teachers that participate in the pilot may earn up to 40 continuing professional education (CPE) credits that will increase their understanding, proficiency, and confidence in developing high-quality, fair, and rigorous assessment items that inform and improve instruction.
  • Professional Stipends: Qualifying teachers who participate in the T-TRADE pilot will be awarded a stipend of between $500 and $850.
  • Practical Use: T-TRADE assessment items will be made available for teachers to download and use in their local classroom assessments.
  • Expanded Use: T-TRADE assessment items that are of the highest quality will be field tested for possible use on state assessments.

To learn more, please visit the T-TRADE web page.

T-TRADE Applications: Applicants are encouraged to submit a TEA Committee Educator Application by April 30, 2021. A "Committee Preferences" section is at the end of the application; select "T-TRADE Assessment Items Development."

Assessment Educator Committees

TEA is seeking classroom teachers, instructional coaches, campus and district content specialists, and campus administrators to serve on a variety of assessment-related committees. The involvement of Texas education professionals supports TEA in designing and building the best quality assessments. TEA is accepting applications for the following teacher committees:

  • Early passage review meetings
  • Educator item review meetings
  • Essay range finding meetings
  • Subject-area advisory groups
  • STAAR redesign focus groups

Teacher and instructional specialists or coaches for the following grades and subject areas are encouraged to apply:

  • English language arts and reading, grades 3–8 and English I-II
  • Mathematics, grades 3–8 and Algebra I
  • Science, grades 5 and 8 and Biology
  • Social studies, grade 8 and U.S. History
  • Spanish language arts and reading, grades 3–5
  • Spanish mathematics, grades 3–5
  • Spanish science, grade 5

To apply to participate in these committees, educators should complete the Educator Committee Application Form at

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