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Civics Legislation Making Its Way Through Texas Legislature

5 Apr 2021 1:21 PM | TXCSS President

Currently there are several pieces of legislation moving through the Texas House and Senate that could have a significant impact on K-12 civic education in Texas. These include

·    S.B. 2026, introduced by Chairman of the Senate Education Committee Republican Senator Larry Taylor (R- District 11), and its House sister bill H.B. 4509, introduced by Representative Greg Bonnen (R-District 24)

·    H.B. 3211, introduced by Republican Representative Keith Bell (R- District 4), and 

·    S.B. 1740, introduced by Democratic Senator Judith Zaffirini (D- District 21).

H.B. 3211 and S.B. 1740 were both drafted by the Texas Civic Education Coalition, which is comprised of educators, educator associations (including the Texas Council for the Social Studies), policymakers, and civic education providers from across the State of Texas. This group is non-partisan and advocates for a holistic approach to civic education reform in the state.

The Texas Civic Education Coalition is urging support of these bills. If you are interested in expressing your support you may sign their letter by 9 am CT on Wednesday, April 7.

Letter calling for a comprehensive, bipartisan civic education package by 9 am CT on Wednesday, April 7.

A public hearing on civic education legislation will occur on Thursday, April 8 in the Senate. If you’d like to express your position on these pieces of legislation directly, please contact your local members of the State House and Senate. You may also send your letter directly to the Senate Education Committee by emailing: Beth.Shields_SC@Senate.Texas.Gov

For more information about following social studies related legislation this 87th session

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