Join In (Volunteer Opportunities)



Become one of our published members.  We have multiple opportunities each year for you to share your thoughts, classroom innovations and expertise.

The Social Studies Texan

Is a respected juried journal that is published three times a year.  Each issue has different themes and will need lessons and articles for each theme.

If you are interested (click here) for more information.

The TCSS Blog

We have a new blog and need your support.  We would love to produce a new posting every week but we can't do it alone. If you have a lesson that rocked, an idea on how to connect current events to your classroom subject, or feel passionately about a topic we would be interested in hearing from you.

If you are interested (click here) for more information.


Our committees are where the ideas become actions and changes. We need not only committee volunteers but also need nominations for our elected officers.  The committees vary in volunteer hour intensity and in the level of responsibility that are expected.

Please (click here) for additional information on each committee, committee calendars and application.

We are always looking for new leaders! If you are passionate about developing students that are active citizens and are interested in guiding our organization then please join us by filling out an application for an elected position. (click here)


There are three ways we would love for you to advocate for TCSS.

  1. Share. Some of the best ideas come through conversations with each other.  Tell your friends why you are a member and encourage them to join. Share out great articles, conference sessions, workshops, insights you gain through our conference. We need teachers to know what a great organization this is and can only do that with the help of our members.  Help us tell our own story to the rest of Texas.  If you have not yet joined us on social media, please become part of the conversation. Click the following to join.  (Facebook) (Twitter) (Google+)
  2. Vote. Every year our members make an important choice on the path our organization will take through casting their vote for the year's new officers.  Make sure you find the voting (usually near registration booth) and cast your vote. Please check out our nominations for this year. (Click here)
  3. Attend. Come to conference.  Visit our exhibition hall.  Support us by showing up and investing in us. Plan your trip to the next conference. (Click here for information.)